Family diving holidays start with eLearning

Junior divers 10+ can now use PADI’s excellent digital learning tools, including PADI Junior Open Water Touch and eLearning.

We’ve recommended for years that Junior Divers (10-14 yrs) get started with the theory before they arrive. The launch of PADI eLearning made this easier for 13-14 yrs olds, but it took a little longer to ensure that all PADI digital courses comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Now they do, and from February 2016, all PADI digital courses are available to junior divers!

Junior Divers 10+ yrs can start PADI diving courses online

PADI’s online scuba programs are interactive. They combine text with voice, images, video and interactive quizzes, and are an excellent learning tool to help junior divers learn the key concepts in scuba diving.

Students can work online with PADI eLearning or download the Touch app to a tablet or smartphone, and it’s easy for parents to sit alongside and help. If you have any questions, your instructor is available on facebook chat/call and through the eLearning virtual classroom, and of course your instructor will review all of the key concepts once you are in Dahab.

To be clear, we don’t expect junior divers (or any of our students!) to complete all of the knowledge development portion of the course before they arrive, it just helps to get started in advance. It also gets us in the water faster once you’re here, and that’s where the real fun starts!

Family diving holidays in Dahab

Dahab has everything for kids! Sand, sun, shade, camels, scuba diving, rock climbing, desert canyons, a relaxed pace, the list goes on. But the most important ingredient is a genuine family friendly culture.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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