More than 15 dive sites on our doorstep

Dahab juts into the Gulf of Aqaba, with a vast fringing reef. Our entire coastline is one huge reef structure, so what really defines each of our dive sites is a safe entry and exit.

The sites are a mix of sloping reef walls, coral garden, pinnacles, scattered coral heads and, most famously, unique cracks and formations in the sea bed like the Canyon and Blue Hole.

Shore Diving Sites

Shore diving is freedom. No running for the boat, just kit up on the beach and dive. Each Dahab dive site has unique topography and marine life. Here are a few of our favourites


Blue Hole & Bells

Famous in Dahab and all Red Sea diving, the Blue Hole is a hole in the reef table that drops to 90m then slopes to 300m before joining the open sea.

You can dive it through the spectacular chimney entry at Bells then drift to Blue Hole or enter to the right or left of the Blue Hole. Once is never enough for these amazing wall dives.


The Canyon

Another of Dahab’s world class dive sites. A deep dive that takes you into a huge cavern under the sea bed. The light in the canyon is beautiful. You can even do a night dive during the full moon.

Around the Canyon, there are also shallow dives at the Coral Garden to the right or drifting along Ricks Reef from a bit further north. You can also hover over the Canyon at 18m rather than dropping in, it’s still a beautiful dive.


Eel Garden

Named after the colony of eels that populates its sandy slopes.

A gentle, shallow dive with schools of Barracuda and many hard and soft coral. Dive early morning for the best light and colour, or late afternoon when fish come in to feed.

Very strong current when windy, don’t dive.


The Islands

Three underwater coral islands, where you swim through corridors of color, teeming with fish life. Schools of Yellowtail Barracuda and Twinspot Snapper.

Entry and exit is over a sacrificial path in the reef table, tricky in the wind and low tide.


Abu Helal

Abu Helal means Bay of the Crescent Moon, and it’s one of our most beautiful and least dived sites. The best dive will take you to 38-39m (great for a Deep Diver course) towards a small canyon. Rolling hills of coral, abundant in sea life. Trigger fish, potato grouper, rays and schools of baby Barracuda.

Tough entry and exit that must be done in high tide and calm conditions. You can also drift from Abu Telha and exit in Abu Helal.


Lighthouse and Masbat Bay

Dahab’s first reef, home to many species of fish and a beautiful place to learn to dive.

Further along the bay is a mix of sand, sea grass and small coral formations, perfect for baby and juvenile fish. You can find seahorses here, and rare ghost pipefish.

There’s also a buoyancy park and these stunning underwater statues.


The South

Golden Blocks, Three Pools, Om Sid, the Caves and more. It’s always great to spend a day in the South.

Do 2 or 3 dives, chilling out in the Bedouin beach cafes inbetween dives, and maybe even a night dive. There’s really no better way to kick off a Dahab diving holiday.


Ras Abu Galum

You’ve probably guessed by now that we love everything about Ras Abu Galum.

It’s the pinnacle of diving in Dahab. From the early morning camel trek, to its many stunning dive sites and the wonderful hospitality of the Bedouin families living there…  diving really doesn’t get much better than this.

Dive Sites by Boat

Boat diving is to Gabr El Bint in the South, and to the Sharm dive sites: Thistlegorm wreck, Ras Muhammed and Tiran.


Gabr El Bint

Gabr El Bint is a special location for us because its sites were discovered on Said’s 1st Camel Diving Safari.

Dive Shabb Said, the stunning wall of giant Gorgonian fan corals, or the crack canyon to the South. There’s even a baby Blue Hole.

These days you can go by boat to Gabr El Bint. Or you can dive the original way on an overnight Camel Diving Safari.


Ras Muhammad

Dive and snorkel at Ras Muhammad, Egypt’s oldest national park and one of the most famous marine parks in the world.

Deep walls attract large shoals and pelagics, and sunset is spectacular over the tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

Several sites with excellent drift diving.


Thistlegorm Wreck

If you’re a wreck lover, we recommend a day trip to dive the famous Thistlegorm wreck.

The 125m long British army freighter sank during WW II, scattering loads of wartime supplies on the sea floor. It rests in relatively shallow water, so can be dived at 30m and less.


Shark and Yolande

Located in Ras Muhammad park, this is consistently rated as one of the world’s top 3 dive sites.

This is a drift dive where there are two pinnacles rising vertically from a depth of 800 meters. The second erg,Yolande, is named after the Cyprian freighter which hit the reef in 1980. Its cargo of toilet bowls and sinks litter the sea floor, teaming with amazing corals, barracudas, tunas and rays.


Tiran Islands

Tiran Islands lie at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, creating perfect conditions for drift diving on Jackson, Thomas, Woodhouse and Gordon reefs. In summer time, guides will often take you into the blue in search of schools of Hammerhead sharks.

Boats leave from Sharks Bay, which is a bit closer to Dahab so not quite as early a start as trips to Ras Muhammad or the Thistlegorm.