Almost everything we do is just 25% deposit, the rest when you’re here.

Deposit options


or you can send deposits by bank transfer in Euro, EGP or GBP – we’ll send account details when you’re ready.

Final payment in Dahab

For final payment in Dahab, we accept any of EGP/Euro/GBP/USD cash or Visa/Mastercard. We appreciate at least some cash, as it helps us with our many daily cash expenses (drivers, camels, food, etc).

ATMs in Dahab: There are plenty of ATMs in Dahab, accepting most major credit cards and debit cards with a Visa/MC symbol.


Hopefully this won’t happen, but in case it does… we refund deposit less any costs incurred. Normally this is:

  • up to 1 month prior to arrival: 75% of deposit
  • up to 2 weeks prior to arrival: 50% of deposit
  • less than 2 weeks prior to arrival: forfeit deposit

If you have any questions, please just ask!