Need ideas? Just ask! 

Diving holidays in Dahab can be as busy or as lazy as you like:

  • You can dedicate all of your vacation time to scuba diving in Dahab
  • or you can have a mixed holiday and combine scuba diving with freediving, trekking, rock climbing and more.
  • You can do all of this in Dahab
  • or you can explore remote Protected Areas and sites.

Here are some example holiday programs. Plus some tips to steer you in the right direction.

TIP! Are you a Beginner diver?

If you’re a beginner diver, go to our Beginner Diving Courses page for the PADI Open Water course and more. You can book course only, or a package including accommodation

Ready for your Advanced OW course?

If you’re an Open Water diver doing 2+ days diving, add your Advanced course! You’ll dive key sites AND earn your Advanced certification at the same time


Here are a few ideas to get you started. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Most things are flexible around here


2 Day Diving Holiday

2 days isn’t nearly enough, but you can still make the most it! Spend your days scuba diving Dahab’s local dive sites, chilling out in the Bedouin beach cafes in-between dives:

Day 1: Lighthouse & Eel Garden or the Islands
Day 2 OW divers: The South
Day 2 AOW divers: Canyon, Blue Hole

If you’re an Open Water diver who wants to dive the Canyon and Blue Hole, add your Advanced OW course to your holiday.

diving-holiday-page-Blue Hole Dahab

Daily Diving Dahab (1 week/10 dives)

The classic dive package, 5 days/10 dives with 1 week accommodation and transfers. Dahab is a shore diving location, with more than enough dive sites to keep you busy for 5 days of diving:

Day 1: Lighthouse, Islands
Day 2: The South (Golden Blocks / Om Sid / The Caves / Three Pools)
Day 3: Canyon, Blue Hole
Day 4: Mashraba, Eel Garden
Day 5: Abu Helal, Abu Telha / Rick’s Reef


1 Week Dahab Dive Experience

For certified divers, this is the most popular way to spend a week with us. It’s 1 week diving in Dahab, including an overnight Camel Diving Safari plus accommodation and airport transfers:

Day 1: arrive SSH, transfer Dahab, check in and relax
Day 2:
Lighthouse, Islands / Eel Garden
Day 3:
 The South – Golden Blocks, Om Sid or The Caves, Three Pools
Day 4:
Dive at the Canyon and Blue Hole
Day 5-6: Camel Diving Safari (4 dives, full board, camping on the beach under the stars in Ras Abu Galum
Day 7: No fly day
Day 8: transfer SSH and depart

You’ll be planning your next trip to Dahab by the time you leave 🙂


2 Week Diving Holiday

Lucky you! With 2 weeks, you’ll have time to dive almost everything. 2 dives a day, exact sites and program are flexible:

Day 1: arrive SSH, transfer Dahab, check in and relax
Days 2-4: 6 dives at a mix of sites like Lighthouse, Eel Garden, The South (Golden Blocks, Three Pools, Caves, Om Sid), Canyon, Blue Hole
Day 5: Early start to boat dive the Thistlegorm wreck and Shark and Yolande (3 dives)
Day 6: Rest, maybe try rock climbing!
Day 7: Mashraba, Abu Helal
Day 8: Boat diving Gabr El Bint, 2 dives
Days 9-11: 3 day Camel Diving Safari to Ras Abu Galum (6 dives, full board, camping on the beach under the stars)
Day 12: Rest, safari briefing 5pm
Days 13-14:Desert day trip inc midnight hike Mt Sinai and St Catherine monastery
Day 15: transfer SSH and depart, completely addicted to Dahab 🙂


The scuba diving in Dahab is fantastic, and it’s just the start of your adventure! You can combine diving with freediving, rock climbing, trekking and more


1 Week Diving & Freediving

Want to learn to freedive, but not quite ready to give up your entire diving holiday to freediving? No problem! In the 1 Week Diving & Freediving package you can learn to freedive and do three days of scuba diving.


1 Week Diving & Rock Climbing

There are surprisingly few places in the world with excellent rock climbing AND scuba diving, but Dahab is one of them! Our 1 week Dive and Climb package was created for our many climber divers


1 Week Dive & Trek

Even the most committed Dahab divers get curious about the desert. This Dive and Trek package combines 3 days diving with 3 days deep desert trekking to (start!) to satisfy your curiosity.