Family Diving Holidays

Shore diving, a relaxed pace, good value hotels and holiday apartments, nearby desert adventure and a genuine family-friendly culture make Dahab ideal for divers with young families and children doing their PADI Junior Open Water or other PADI courses.

Junior Divers

Kids can get started in scuba diving from 8 years old! 8-9 year olds can do PADI Bubblemaker. 10-14 years olds can do the full Junior Open Water course, or they can start with half the course (Junior Scuba Diver) and upgrade on another diving holiday.


PADI Scuba Diver (and Junior Scuba Diver)


PADI Junior Open Water (10-14 yrs)


Bubblemakers (8-9 yrs)

Bubblemaker is a 2m Try Dive, and we’ve got the perfect place for it just next to the beach. Your kids will get to breathe underwater, see the fish and experience the underwater world.

There is also a great AWARE Kids pack that teaches them about the coral reef and fish life.

PADI Junior Open Water and Junior Scuba Diver courses (10-14 yrs)

From 10 years old, children can do their Junior Open Water Diver course. Depth limits are slightly different than adults, but for the most part, learning to dive is exactly the same for a 10 year old as an adult.

In our Junior Open Water course description, you’ll find tips and advice for helping kids on the course.

One of the main considerations is diving theory. PADI now has excellent digital dive manuals that combine reading with video and interactive quizzes – perfect for Junior Divers. You can also divide the theory in half, by registering your child for Junior Scuba Diver this holiday and then upgrading to the full Junior Open Water certification on another holiday.

Other considerations are:

  • Junior dive equipment
  • Cold and when to come
  • Diving depth certifications and how they change with age
  • Becoming an (adult) Open Water Diver
  • Permission and paperwork

and finally, Junior Divers learn fast – don’t be surprised when they master skills faster than you!

Divers with young families

If you’re a grown-up backpacker with a family, Dahab is top of the list for family-friendly diving. Even young children can join in the adventure.

Basically, you can do almost anything on this web site with a little extra planning:


Scuba Diving and Freediving

Transportation is by jeep, so there is always a driver on shore during the dive to watch over older children. For younger kids, we can often free up staff to babysit or Mums and Dads can take turns diving.

Freediving sessions are longer, but basically the same applies. No extra charge for any of this.


Ras Abu Galum

Children love everything about Ras Abu Galum – the camel ride there, the sandy beaches at Dheyla and Laguna, learning to swim and snorkel and discovering the sea life.

They’ll also find friends amongst local families and learn a bit about life in a Bedouin fishing settlement. The only thing that convinces them to go home is another camel ride!


Rock Climbing

Wadi Qnai near Dahab is a great introduction to the desert.

Kids from 5-6 yrs can climb with a full body harness (we have shoes for even the tiniest climbers). There is also beautiful walking and scrambling for everyone, especially in the bouldering area.



1-3 days around Wadi Arada is great for kids. Max 1 hr drive at a time, and normally just 15-30 min inbetween sites, with lots of time to run, walk and explore in between.

Mountains, dunes, canyons, camels, food cooked in the fire, sleeping outside – and freedom!


Feel free to email with questions. With 3 children of our own, and lots of family friends, we’ve had children of every age with us almost everywhere in Dahab and the Sinai!


  1. avatar
    Posted by Mohamed| January 22, 2021 |Reply

    This mohamed I am the father of a family consisting of my wife and 4 kids (15,13,11,9 yers old) all of them trained swimmers , we have one week vacation starting from 2Th February , the eldest kid 15 years old is a junior PAD diver , I’m a SSI dive master and a freediver level one.
    I want your help to belt up planing for this week
    My goals is
    1. Unforgettable vacation
    2. Open water course for the eldest one
    3. Junior open water for the other 3 kids
    4. It will be very good if my kids take a chance for free diving level one course
    5. Other suitable activity will not effect our goals

  2. avatar
    Posted by Tanis Newman| April 17, 2021 |Reply

    Hi Mohamed – how are you all? I just found your message now – so glad you emailed as well. We had such a great week with you all, absolutely loved it. Ramadan Karim 🙂

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