Videos of our Dahab Diving Adventures!

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Desert-Divers Eco friendly - Desert-Divers 20 years Eco Friendly, Thank you for being with us 
ديزرت دفرز 20 عامآ أصدقاء للبيئة و خليك معانا
Desert Divers 20 years Eco friendly  -  عشرون عامآ أصداء للبيئة - ديزرت دايفرز 20 عام أصدقاء للبيئة مع جميع الأنشطة التى نقدمها - Desert Divers 20 years Eco friendly
Enjoy the Sinai with Desert Divers
Canyon dive with the Desert Divers girls - A long overdue dive with girls, at the Canyon in Dahab. Hoda on camera, Katy, Tanis, then Ana with an awesome finish
Trying to chat up a pretty boxfish at 16m. 🙂 #diving #dive #underwater #marinelife #scubadiving #redsea #dahab #desertdivers
We've been having some great fun #bouldering this winter. Even got the girls into it! check out Leila's first boulder
AIDA ** course
This is a little video from Dr Hisham during his AIDA ** course
#diving #abogalum
#desertdivers #dahab
Shaimaa Freedives to -16 Meters (52.4 ft!) - Shimaa DETERMINED to get to the ball at -16 meters and LOVING the challenge! Way to go girl!! You rock!!

Want to learn how to freedive and have a fun adventure holiday?? Give us a call at +20-100-4040-181 / 0100-404-181 or email us at

#freediving #dahab #egypt #travelegypt #thisisegypt #adventure #adventuresports #learnfreediving #howtofreedive
Peter Sits on the Bottom at -18 Meters - Peter Bateman goes to sit on the bottom of the Red Sea at -18 meters (59 ft!), a requirement to pass his AIDA 2* Freediving Course haha ;)

Want to learn how to freedive in a fun, safe and relaxed way? Call us at +20-100-4040-181 / 0100-404-181 to inquire and/or book your course!

#freediving #dahab #egypt #travelegypt #aida #learnfreediving #howtofreedive
Dahab's coffee wheel guy doing a 2:54 minute breath-hold - Mohamed aka Mleegy (Dahab's Coffee Wheel guy!) coming up from a near 3 minute breath-hold! 

#travelegypt #dahab #freediving #freedivingcourse
Morning commute to Desert Divers :)
'4 Day Desert Trek in 26 Seconds'

An incredible desert trek organized by Desert Divers through Wadi Arada up to the plateau at sunset to boulder climbing and white sandy dunes, a desert oasis, Saint Catherine and Mount Sinai. 

An unforgettable time and unforgettable views with delicious food and incredible company.

#thisisegypt #travelegypt #trekking #deserttrekking #dahab
Ragdha Freediving with a Jellyfish-Eating Shoal - Raghda freedives with a jelly-snacking fish shoal in Masbat Bay

#freediving #dahab #egypt #thisisegypt
Freediving with a Shoal at Lighthouse - Freediving with a large shoal of fish at Lighthouse. Filmed on breath-hold by freediving instructor, Renee Blundon

#freediving #dahab #thisisegypt #travelegypt #dahabdiving #divingdahab #freedivingcourses #underwater #video #diving
Diving in Dahab Close-Up with a Lionfish - Red Sea, Egypt - Diving in Dahab close-up with a grumpy yet videogenic red lionfish (Pterois volitans), who seemed to be enjoying all the attention. Filmed in the Red Sea off the coast of Ras Abu Galum in Egypt.

This video features the song “Not As it Seems” by Kevin MacLeod,, available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence:

Underwater Camerawoman: Renee Blundon
Camera: Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder in Ikelite Housing
Pufferfish while Diving in Dahab, Egypt - Red Sea - A video of scuba diving in Dahab, Egypt with a prickly pufferfish!

This video features the song “Constancy Part Three” by Incompetech,, available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence:

Divers: Agnieszka Kozłowska
Underwater Camerawoman: Renee Blundon
Camera: Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD Camcorder in Ikelite Housing
Post Production By: Renee Blundon 
Post Production Software: PowerDirector 12
Raghda EzzelDin Doing 60 Meters Dynamic Apnea as Hesham Abdou ... - Raghda does 60 meters dynamic apnea (DYN) freediving in Lighthouse Bay during her Level 1 Freediving Course in Dahab, Egypt
Ali Dyanmic Apnea 60 meters - Ali in action! 60 meters dynamic apnea!  #freediving #dahab
Raghda Freediving to 16 Meters - Raghda EzzelDin freedives effortlessly to 16+ meters during her freediving course in Dahab!! Way to go Raghda!

#freediving #freedivingcourse #travelegypt #dahab #thisisegypt #learnfreediving
Selim's Dive to 16 Meters - Abdelrahman Selim  freedives to 16 meters (52 feet!!!) during his #PADI Freediver Course in Dahab!! 

#freediving #freedivingcourse #travelegypt #dahab #thisisegypt
Amanda & Josh Scuba Diving - Amanda and Josh in their #PADI Discover Scuba course, having a blast on their first ever scuba dive!
Mini Striped Pufferfish - The cutest, tiniest pufferfish ever! Filmed while scuba diving in the shallows of Lighthouse Bay #diving #dahab
A Hungry Goatfish - A hungry and curious goatfish in Lighthouse Bay swims-up close to the camera woman while probing the sand for food. This tireless benthic feeder uses a pair of long chemosensory barbels (aka "whiskers") which protrude from the chin and sift through sediments in search of prey such as worms, crustaceans, mollusks and other small invertebrates.
Joseph 45 Meters Freediving DNF - Sporting two layers of wetsuits and over 13 kilos of lead weights, Joseph freedives 45 meters DNF like a pro during his Apnea Academy Level 1 course in Dahab.

#freediving #dahab #egypt #travelegypt
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Videos of our Dahab Desert Adventures!

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