Enjoy the reef apnea-style!

Do some fun freediving and enjoy the reef apnea-style in Dahab! There are many local dive sites you can explore and nearby marine parks which make excellent overnight or daytrips!

Local Freediving Dive Sites

With the Red Sea at our doorstep, there are many incredible dive sites right in the area of Lighthouse, all with unique topography and aquatic marine life. Here are some of the most popular local sites in Dahab that can be accessed right from shore, and are within walking distance or a short taxi ride.


Blue Hole

Most freedivers do line diving and training in the Blue Hole and miss out on the beauty of the reef which has a large variety of hard and soft corals as well as marine life. Freedive around the outer edges of the Blue Hole to see spectacular shoals, trumpet fish, sea goldies and, on occasion, turtles.


El Bells

El Bells is located directly after the Blue Hole and is a crack in the reef with bridges and chimneys to freedive through. It’s also popular for scuba divers so often times you end up in a wall of underwater bubbles.


The Canyon

Another of Dahab’s popular freediving sites is the Canyon, an underwater cave acesssed at approximately 20 meters.  (The bottom of the cave close to 28-30 meters deep)


Eel Garden

Freedive along a pristine, white sandy bottom populated with hundreds of garden eels. It makes for an excellent background for underwater photos and videos. Depth is around 16 meters.


The Islands

Located at the end of the promenade, you can find three underwater coral islands. Freedive through corridors of color, teeming with fish life.


The Elephant

An underwater elephant awaits you in the waters of Lighthouse approximately 21-26 meters deep. An artificial reef, the elephant is home to many species of fish and corals.

Remote Dive Sites & National Parks

Take a day trip to freedive some of Dahab’s more remote dive sites and national parks, such as Gabr El Bint, Ras Muhammed and Ras Abu Galum.


Ras Abu Galum

Freedive in the clear turquoise blue waters of a remote paradise. Ras Abu Galum is a protected area known for its stunning coral gardens and reef. Octopuses and turtles are common as well as rays and fish shoals.


Gabr El Bint

Gabr El Bint is a popular dive site that can be accessed by boat or on a camel freediving safari. The diving is 10-28 meters deep and features a wide range of marine life.


Ras Muhammad National Park

Freedive at Ras Muhammad, Egypt’s original marine park. Go there by car, just over 1 hour from Dahab and enjoy fringing coral reefs teeming with life. Deep coral walls attract large shoals and pelagics.