Learning to Freedive in Dahab

Learning to Freedive has been on Peter Bateman’s bucket list almost since the moment he learned to scuba dive. It took him a while to get round to it, but he finally made it to Dahab to learn what turned out to be the most “terrifying, exciting, relaxing, meditative” sport he’s ever tackled.

Anyone who spends time in Dahab’s Blue Hole can’t fail to be impressed by the freedivers. They bob up and down making a 40… 50… 60… 90! meter dive look effortless. It looks amazing, you want to learn, but it’s also a little bit scary.

Read Peter Bateman’s honest account of how he overcame his fear and learned to freedive.¬†And if you’d like to know more about freediving in Dahab or join one of our freediving courses, just ask! info@desert-divers.com


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