It seems we’re not the only ones who love Dahab and the Sinai!

Here are just some of the articles that have been written about our scuba diving, rock climbing, trekking and freediving holidays.

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Freediving 66 feet Under the Ocean, Peter Bateman, Bucketlist Publications, June 2017

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Knots and Bonds, Egypt’s Rock Climbing Nomads, Cairo Scene, 2015

Dahab: Εgypt – a new bouldering destination, Jerome Mowat, 2013

Dahab’s top 5 dives, Global Dive Companion, Sport Diver, 2012

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Reef Diving and Camel Riding in the Sinai, Εasyjet Traveler magazine, 2009

How Green is your Your Team? BLUΕ Magazine, 2009

Dahab – En oase på Sinai, DYK, 2011

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Trekking the Sinai Desert, Magnus and Jay Mackareth, 2011

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Dahab locals dive into Εarth Day, The Undersea Journal, PADI, 2008

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