Home of the Camel Diving Safari

Let’s be clear about this, camels can’t dive! What they can do is take you on unique diving adventures you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Dive, freedive and snorkel some of the best coral reefs in the world, relaxing in Bedouin huts on the Red Sea. If you have non-diving friends and family, they’ll enjoy these remote paradises just as much as the divers:

  • 1, 2, and 3 day safaris are to either Ras Abu Galum or Gabr El Bint
  • 4+ day safaris are to Ras Abu Galum only
  • Accommodation is Bedouin style, simple beach huts with carpets and blankets under the stars

Read more about the various trips and packages including camel diving safaris. We’ve also added a bit more about Ras Abu Galum and Gabr El Bint after the trips.


These are our top camel diving and freediving safari packages including accommodation, airport transfers, diving in Dahab and a Camel Diving or Freediving Safari.


You can also build your own package. Start with the safari you’d like to do, then add anything else you need (accommodation, transfers, extra diving, etc).

Ras Abu Galum

The Bedouin fishing settlement known for its stunning coral reef, mountainous backdrop, turquoise laguna and warm hospitality. You’ll instantly fall in love


Ras Abu Galum is a remote Bedouin fishing settlement, home to 5 or 6 Bedouin families. It’s also a Protected Area where octopus and turtles are common, as well as rays, morays and a huge variety of reef fish and invertebrates.

Your camel diving or freeediving safari starts in Dahab. You’ll travel by jeep to the Blue Hole, then load your equipment, tanks, supplies (and yourself!) onto the camels. After a 1 hr trek along the beach path, you’ll arrive at Ras Abu Galum:

  • Scuba divers dive twice per day plus optional 3rd and night dives, for up to 6 days
  • Snorkelers and recreational freedivers love exploring the coral garden and sloping reef shelves.
  • Line diving for freediving training and freediving courses can also be arranged, maximum depth 20 meters

Relax and enjoy the warm waters of the Red Sea by diving, snorkeling, swimming or freediving. We recommend spending at least one night so you can sleep under a glorious sky of stars.

Gabr El Bint

The original Camel Diving Safari!


In the ’90s, a group of instructors and guides wanted to explore remote dive sites south of Dahab. There weren’t any boats in Dahab at the time, and the route was inaccessible by jeep, but every Bedouin village has camels!

Said organised the camels, packed the Bedouin tent and off they went for 5 days exploring the entire coast from Dahab to Sharm. They camped on the beach, cooked on the fire and sipped sweet Bedouin tea inbetween dives.

The big finding on the trip was Gabr El Bint. These days you can take a boat to Gabr El Bint, but it’s still nice to do things the traditional way.

At Gabr El Bint, there is calm underwater laguna ideal for snorkeling. Divers and recreational freedivers will love the steeply sloping reef, especially the wall of giant Gorgonian Fan Corals. There is even a baby Blue Hole (15m). Line diving for freediving depends on conditions.