What is Freediving?

In the last few years, interest in freediving has increased tremendously. There are extreme deep divers, but there are also thousands of people now who are enjoying freediving at a recreational level.

Quite simply, freediving is for anyone who wants to get a bit deeper on a single breath of air.

Read a bit more about what freediving is, and how to get started.

Freediving Basics

Freediving is like an advanced form of snorkeling. Various techniques used by freedivers allow you to go deeper and stay down longer, with only one breath of air. Most freedivers start with snorkeling or scuba diving, then take a freediving course and become fascinated by the quiet, calm and challenge of the sport.

Freediving allows you to come closer to marine life and to glide weightless next to the reef without scaring the fish away. But freediving is also an internal experience, making you know yourself and your body better.

Getting started with Freediving

If you’re new to freediving, or have tried freediving but want to improve your theory and core skills, check out our 2 day Beginner Freediving Course or the full week Learn to Freedive holiday.

You can also look through all of our freediving courses and training options. They include advanced and master courses, plus training for all levels. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Freediving Courses

Learn freediving and improve your freediving skills in Dahab!

We’ve been teaching freediving courses since 2002, across the AIDA, PADI and Apnea Academy associations. Every course has its strengths and purpose, from beginner freediving courses to specialty courses for deep divers and professional freedivers. Ask us which course is right for you

train freediving in dahab

Freediving Training

Experienced freedivers will love join our freediving training weeks (and months!) in Dahab.

We’ll help you set specific goals and make a training plan to help you achieve them. We also use underwater video to help accelerate your learning.

Max 3 freedivers per instructor.

Dive Medical

As with scuba diving and many other adventure sports, you will be asked to complete a medical statement before participating in a freediving course. If you answer yes to any of the items that can cause risk in freediving, we’ll ask you to complete a dive medical with a doctor (your own, or we have good diving doctors in Dahab). If you would like us to send the medical statement for the freediving course in advance, please just ask.