Training in Dahab is pure joy

Like every sport, freediving is about dedication and training. And the great thing about freedive training in Dahab is that it is pure joy.

Freediving training sessions are for certified or experienced freedivers who would like to spend time with an instructor to improve their performance. The sessions can help you in reaching goals such as holding your breath longer, improving your equalization technique, improving your finning technique, your diving depth and more.

Tailored Freediving Training Sessions

Training sessions are ideal for refining your skills, practicing deep freediving under a watchful eye and going to work on specific parts of your dive. Tell us about any specific goals you have, plus we’ll use the early sessions to evaluate where you are at the moment and adjust the training to suit your level and goals.

During the Session

During the freediving training sessions, your instructor will be coaching you, giving you guidance, such as feedback on technique as well as providing your safety and set-up of buoys and ropes at a suitable depth. There is also the option to be filmed, so that afterward you can review a video of your freediving technique and receive additional feedback.

Maximum 3 freedivers per instructor and 2 sessions daily, for as many days as you would like.

Note that freediving training sessions are for certified or experienced freedivers only. If you have never freedived before you should attend a beginner course prior to any training sessions.


1 week and 2 week training packs include accommodation and airport transfers. Shorter packs are freedive training only, but you can add accommodation, etc as you book.