Trek deep into the desert with Bedouin guides

If you love to walk, if you love to push deeper into the most remote and stunning areas of a landscape, then the deep desert is for you.

Our deep desert safaris and treks are based in 2 areas:

  • Eastern South Sinai, which we call the ‘deep desert’, accessed from points just 1 hour from Dahab
  • Western South Sinai, which we call the ‘deep deep desert’! This area is accessed from Abu Zenima, about 4 hours from Cairo or 5 hours from Dahab or Sharm.

Every trip is amazing.


Beautiful 3-5 day desert treks in the sandstone mountains between Dahab and St Catherine. Both treks can be extended by 1 day to include Mt Sinai and St Catherine monastery


Jebel El Guna to Ein Khudra Oasis

Enjoy spectacular views of the South Sinai desert from the El Guna Plateau on this 3 day trek from Wadi Arada to Ein Khudra oasis. Add a 4th day to visit St Catherine monastery and walk the pilgrim path up Mt Sinai


Deep Desert Trek by Camel

This is our most popular desert trek. It starts just 1 hour from Dahab, and takes you deep into the Sinai Desert, trekking up and over Jebel El Guna to Wadi Zalagha and huge remote canyons (5-6 days)


2-7 day safaris and treks to the area around Serabit El Khadem, a remote area of the Sinai desert where people are still living the quiet Bedouin life. Visit any time, October to April, but if you have the chance to visit in Spring, you are in for the experience of a lifetime


Muzra Desert Camp

The Muzra is an out-of-this-world weekend getaway, just 4 hours from Cairo or Sharm


Serabit El Khadem

Do a 4 day jeep safari to Serabit El Khadem, where the desert blooms and Bedouin tents are pitched on the dunes for the Spring


Jebel El Tih Passage

This remote trek takes you into Jebel El Tih, ‘the lost mountain’, trekking from oasis to oasis through ancient passages and simple settlements


Spend 10 days trekking through the incredible South Sinai desert from West to East, and experience every kind of desert landscape. You will be amazed by the beauty and energy of the desert wilderness.

Some Photos of Deep Desert Trips

Deep desert trek inspiration for you!