Learn how to Freedive in Dahab!

Freediving is the most natural and purest form of exploring the ocean using minimal equipment. It is relaxing, liberating and a truly unique activity. Moving gracefully without wasting energy, freedivers can spend minutes underwater and experience the ocean, like any other sea mammal.

As a freediver, you’ll enjoy the silence and beauty of the sea, and you’ll also find a unique way of exploring yourself.

Teaching Freediving since 2002

Located on the beach, in the centre of beautiful Dahab, Desert Divers has been teaching freediving since 2002.

You’ll find excellent instructors teaching a range of freediving courses. We teach PADI, AIDA and Apnea Academy courses, and we train almost every day.

Our philosophy is not just to teach the course, but to provide you with the confidence necessary to begin a lifetime journey through the amazing world of freediving.

Courses and training are done at Lighthouse Reef and the Blue Hole. Lighthouse is literally on our doorstep, with diving sessions a 5 minute swim from shore. The Blue Hole is 30 mins by jeep, and worth every extra km to get there!


This is the easiest way to get started with freediving. Book a freediving package including accommodation, airport transfers, freediving courses and training.


You can also build your own package: start with the course and add anything else you need –  extra training days, accommodation, etc.