More flights to Sharm El Sheikh

Fly to Sharm from Oslo, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Katowice, Zurich, Brussels, Milan, Istanbul and more!

Flights have been opening since October 2017, and Germany, Denmark and Norway have now lifted all restrictions.

Try these airlines and see you soon!

Copenhagen: AirCairo

Oslo: AirCairo

Brussels: TUIfly

Frankur: AirCairo

Berlin: Germania

Munich: Germania  and AirCairo

Zurich: Germania (direct) and  SWISS (some direct, some 1-2 stops depending on dates)

Italy (7 cities inc Milan): Meridiana


Prague: AirCairo

Katowice: AirCairo


Plus Istanbul with it’s many links to almost every European city: Turkish Airlines and Pegasus

and Egyptair via Cairo from everywhere!


See you soon!

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