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Climbing ONE

Dahab (3)
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  • Rock Climbing
  • Beginner Course
  • Private courses available


Egypt’s Beginner Rock Climbing course

Climbing ONE is the full 2 day Beginner Rock Climbing course.

Your goal during the course is to become a safe competent climber. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • tie basic knots
  • safely belay with the PBUS method
  • perform safety checks
  • communicate as a climber and belayer
  • recognise good climbing equipment

Climbing ONE course content

Climbing ONE is 100% outdoors!

You’ll do a quick check-in at the club in Dahab, then you’re off to Wadi Qnai for 2 full days of climbing.

You can return to Dahab in the evening, or you can add dinner and overnight camping to your course.

Key topics:

  • Introduction to climbing equipment
  • Safety in climbing
  • How to belay (control the ascent and descent of the climber) with a system known as PBUS, Pull-Brake-Underhand-Slide
  • How to tie into the rope using the figure 8 follow through knot
  • Simple climbing commands you use between climber and belayer
  • Basic climbing movements including footwork, how to use your skeleton not muscles, and balance

Booking options

  • You can book course only
  • You can add options: overnight camping in the wadi, accommodation in Dahab before/after your course, extra climbing, airport transfers, etc
  • Or you can contact us and we’ll put together a package for you. In addition to rock climbing, we also dive, trek and freedive in Dahab, so the options are almost endless!



Generally, a course looks something like this:

Day 1
  • Check in 9am
  • Equipment fitting, participant hand-out
  • Jeep to Wadi Qnai
  • Climbing session 1: equipment, safety, tieing-in, first climbs
  • Lunch
  • Climbing session 2: tieing-in, belaying, climbing, communication
  • If camping, dinner and overnight in the wadi
Day 2
  • Climbing session 3: review tieing-in, belaying, climbing, communication
  • Tea break
  • Climbing session 4: movement
  • Lunch
  • Climbing session 5: self-sufficient top-roping, movement
  • Return to Dahab, review and set climbing goals


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- Dec, 05, 2017 -

Kirollos M

Great rock climbing The place is really cool and the people are helpful. I went for a rock climbing course and it was really fun and rich.

- Jun, 12, 2016 -

Fady S via TripAdvisor

“Rock Climbing great experience” Me and 2 of my friends decided to go for a new challenge and take the beginner's course for rock climbing with desert divers. It was amazing. Khaled the instructor is very helpful and nice. Khaled is awesome, we really liked him very much and he was a very good instructor. He ensures safety first always. I recommend for anyone who is looking for a new challenge....

- Apr, 14, 2015 -

amrbialy via TripAdvisor

“Loved the whole experience” These guys organize the best rock climbing trips in Dahab, this was my second trip with them and it was spectacular. Their guides are experts, professionals, fun and very friendly. I would recommend these guys to each and everyone who's interested in rock climbing, starting with experts like these people will help you like and enjoy the sport more.