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Climbing ONE

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  • Rock Climbing
  • Beginner Course
  • Private courses available


Egypt’s Beginner Rock Climbing course

Climbing ONE is the full 2 day Beginner Rock Climbing course.

Your goal during the course is to become a safe competent climber. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • tie basic knots
  • safely belay with the PBUS method
  • perform safety checks
  • communicate as a climber and belayer
  • recognise good climbing equipment

Climbing ONE course content

Climbing ONE is 100% outdoors!

You’ll do a quick check-in at the club in Dahab, then you’re off to Wadi Qnai for 2 full days of climbing.

You can return to Dahab in the evening, or you can add dinner and overnight camping to your course.

Key topics:

  • Introduction to climbing equipment
  • Safety in climbing
  • How to belay (control the ascent and descent of the climber) with a system known as PBUS, Pull-Brake-Underhand-Slide
  • How to tie into the rope using the figure 8 follow through knot
  • Simple climbing commands you use between climber and belayer
  • Basic climbing movements including footwork, how to use your skeleton not muscles, and balance

Booking options

  • You can book course only
  • You can add options: overnight camping in the wadi, accommodation in Dahab before/after your course, extra climbing, airport transfers, etc
  • Or you can contact us and we’ll put together a package for you. In addition to rock climbing, we also dive, trek and freedive in Dahab, so the options are almost endless!



Generally, a course looks something like this:

Day 1
  • Check in 9am
  • Equipment fitting, participant hand-out
  • Jeep to Wadi Qnai
  • Climbing session 1: equipment, safety, tieing-in, first climbs
  • Lunch
  • Climbing session 2: tieing-in, belaying, climbing, communication
  • If camping, dinner and overnight in the wadi
Day 2
  • Climbing session 3: review tieing-in, belaying, climbing, communication
  • Tea break
  • Climbing session 4: movement
  • Lunch
  • Climbing session 5: self-sufficient top-roping, movement
  • Return to Dahab, review and set climbing goals