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Expert Climbers – group 3+ climbers

Dahab (2)
from/per person 75
  • Rock Climbing
  • Groups allowed


Expert Climbing Groups, fully equipped

If you’re a group of 3+ climbers, fully-equipped, we have a great ‘self-guided’ climbing service for you:

  • Transportation (up to 6 climbers per jeep/pick up)
  • Use of the Sinai Rock Climbing Guide
  • Lunch
  • Bouldering pads if you need them

Your Bedouin driver and cook

Your driver and cook is from the local Bedouin community. He’ll cook lunch on the fire, and keep you supplied with endless cups of Bedouin tea inbetween climbs.

For safety reasons, your driver stays with you all day, as there is no mobile phone reception in the wadi.

Booking options and prices

Prices for self-guided climbing depend on the number of climbers and days:

  • For 3-5 climbers, book this group package: 75 euro per day
  • If you’re a bigger group, just add another jeep: +75 euro per day
  • Or it might work out better to book a 5 day package: 155 euro per person
  • If it’s just you and your climbing buddy, book this package instead: 25 euro per person per day
  • You can also add overnight stay(s) camping in the wadi, accommodation in Dahab, airport transfers, etc

If you have any questions about rock climbing in Dahab and the Sinai, just ask!


Full day climbing is October to April:

  • 9am: check-in at the club in Dahab
  • Introduction using the Sinai Rock Climbing Guide, or download the free pdf copy in advance so you're ready to go!
  • Jeep to Wadi Qnai
  • Full day of climbing
  • Lunch and an endless pot of Bedouin tea in the fire
  • Towards sunset, return to Dahab

If you're warming up for trad climbing in St Catherine, we suggest booking 2 days in Wadi Qnai:

  • Day 1 sport climbing lower Wadi: Waterfalls, Adshan, Camel Canyon
  • Day 2 upper Wadi: sport routes in Bedouin Garden and bouldering Bir Wadi Qunai
  • You can even add overnight camping in the wadi for a great night under the stars.


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- Nov, 07, 2017 -

Kimberley C

Great Climbing and People! Dahab meaning “gold” in Arabic is a fitting name for this city located on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. With its immediate access to mountains and coastline, Dahab offers a vast variety of outdoor adventures that would leave any outdoor enthusiast satisfied. The most popular activities are water sports such as diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing; however, it is also becoming a destination for climbing and bouldering from October to April. Climbing is what attracted my friends and I to Dahab during spring break in 2017. Everyday Desert Divers Dahab provided us with transportation to Wadi Qnai, lunch, many small cups of Bedouin-style tea, and climbing equipment. The climbing in Wadi Qnai has been well developed and maintained by the Desert Divers outfitter. Contact them if you would like a PDF copy of the Sinai Rock Climbing Guide which includes all the bouldering and climbing routes. Whether you are a beginner or advanced climber, there are plenty of routes available to keep you occupied for the duration of your trip. Furthermore, the owners of Desert Divers, Said and his wife Tanis, are some of the sweetest souls you will ever meet. They often invited us for dinner or a drink in the evenings. They have an immense passion for encouraging Egyptians to appreciate nature and for creating jobs for the local Bedouin people. Beyond satisfying my need to experience nature and camp under un-obscured starry nights, I left with a fond appreciation for the landscapes of the Sinai and culture of the Bedouin people.

- Apr, 10, 2017 -

Michael W

“Climbing in the Wadi, a must visit for climbers” We went to Dahab for some rock climbing and I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. The Workers at Desert Divers were amazing and very generous. Tanis and Said were both fantastic making sure we had everything we needed and going above and beyond what was needed. We did a guided tour the first day and then 2 and a half days with no guide and every day we had a driver that cooked us amazing tasting lunches and made us tea throughout the day.. On the 3rd night we camped in the wadi and they made us dinner and and gave us everything we needed. Overall the climbing was great and desert divers made us feel welcome and a home and it was an amazing part of our trip. I could recommend them more and if I ever go back to Dahab (Which I probably most definitely will) I know who I will be going out with.