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Overnight Desert Trek by camel

Dahab (3)
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  • Trekking


Overnight Camel Trek

Sometimes, nothing but a camel will do!

Trek to the top of the El Guna Plateau. Enjoy spectacular views, the silence of the desert and a huge star-filled sky.

Completely addictive – you’ll return to Dahab planning your next Sinai trek!

What’s included

  • 2 day/1 night trek by camel
  • Full board camping
  • All transportation
  • Small group adventure
  • Local Bedouin guide

Minimum 2 people to guarantee booking. Single travelers welcome. We will add you to a group, or suggest alternative date/safari. 


You will start and end in Dahab, where you can spend time on the Red Sea.

Day before:

  • Final safari briefing 5pm

Day 1:

  • Depart 7-8am
  • Drive to Wadi Arada
  • Scramble the Double Canyon (enough of a challenge to be super fun!)
  • Early lunch, then time to load absolutely everything onto the camels
  • Ride your camel or walk alongside to the base of Jebel El Guna
  • Ascend the plateau by foot
  • Tea break and enjoy views to the east and west of South Sinai
  • Trek along the plateau
  • Dinner and overnight

Day 2:

  • Breakfast with Bedouin bread cooked in the fire
  • Trek north along the plateau. El Guna is quite a wide plateau, with small wadis and cracks to explore on the plateau
  • Descend
  • Lunch
  • Trek the sandstone wadis running off the plateau
  • Return to Wada Arada for 1 last Bedouin tea
  • By road 1 hr to Dahab, returning around sunset


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3 Reviews
  • Overall Experience

- Apr, 26, 2017 -


"Incredible camel trek" My family and I spent the most incredible couple of days trekking with the bedouin through the Sinai. Desert Divers were extremely friendly and the whole trip very well organised - everything had been thought through. We were picked up from Dahab by our bedouin guide - who drove us a couple of hours out into the heart of the Sinai where we were to meet our camels. The landscape was beautiful - with mountain ranges amongst the sand, breaking up the skyline. You really felt like you were in the middle of nowhere. The camels themselves were very well behaved - and having never ridden a camel before it was a lot of fun learning how ! Everything we needed for camping was carried by our camels - and handled by our very efficient guides. We were cooked a delicious meal from a real wood fire - no gas stoves ! Before sleeping out under the stars. It was pretty magical and I really couldn't recommend it more - definitely the highlight of my trip to Egypt !

- Apr, 24, 2017 -


"2 Day Camel Trek in the Sinai Desert" From the cool waters of Dahab Desert Divers plunged me and my family into the home of the Bedouin, the Sinai desert. Before meeting our camels it was time to have a cup of tea, and no that did not mean stopping in at a normal café, it meant stopping in at a Bedouin village, sitting round a small fire and sipping tea whilst being offered a local breakfast of fresh goats cheese and naan bread. The children came to join us, and brought over their baby goat to handle whilst the other goats continued to potter around the Bedouin hut. We found our camels with a Bedouin encampment in the heart of the desert. The young boys and girls from the encampment joined us for lunch. And then we were off! Taking us on our high vantage points over sand dunes, between rocky mountains, and through the boundless desert to one of the oldest Bedouin settlements, these camels were a pleasure to ride, giving an experience of riding so unlike that of horses; such is the ease and speed of the camel's desert plod. This is an opportunity which is so rare in our world today. It is to experience the living of man without machine in the harshest of environments.

- Apr, 24, 2017 -

Edward M

"Stunning camel trekking!" A fantastic camel trek was organised for me and my family in which we spent 2 days with three Bedouin guides camping out in the desert under the stars in the real Bedouin style. However, most of the time we were travelling on camel back through the desert, wandering past majestic views of both mountains and golden sandy plains (unlike the expected picture of a desert) but also witnessing the true history of the Sinai desert. Furthermore not only was this a most enjoyable trip, it was stress free, easily flying to Sharm El-Sheick and taking a taxi to Dahab where we met our very welcoming guide Fraig and then our chilled-out camels. In my opinion, having stayed in Egypt for 2 weeks, this was by far the highlight of the whole Egyptian experience.