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Muzra Desert Camp

Jabal Sarabit al Khadim، قسم أبو رديس، جنوب سيناء (0)
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  • Trekking


Stay with us deep in the desert

‘The Muzra’ is both basic and beautiful. Think of it as a Bedouin guest house.

Our safaris to the area often include 1 night in the Muzra, but it’s also perfect for weekend (and extended) getaways from Cairo or even Sharm El Sheikh.

You’re looked after by the local family (our family, actually, and they love visitors as much as we do!)

Things to do in Serabit El Khadem

  • Short walks and longer hikes: Pack a bottle of water and go! Or your guide can take you on a longer hike from an hour to a full day.
  • Trips by jeep: Morning, afternoon and full day/overnight trips by jeep. There are many nearby areas to explore, e.g. ruins of Serabit El Khadem pharonic temple, Hadaba dunes, Hamayir’s acacia trees and fresh water, the base of Jebel El Tih, Forest of Pillars… everywhere you look, you’ll want to go.
  • Immerse yourself in the Bedouin life: Life in the desert is fascinating, and the Bedouin love sharing it with you. Ask as many questions as you like. Kids especially love learning how to collect wood, make bread in the fire, herd goats and sheep, etc.

Getting to the Muzra

Serabit El Khadem and the Muzra are 1 hour off-road from Abu Zenima. (Abu Zenima is half way between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh, approx 4 hours either way.)

  • If you have a 4×4 vehicle, we will meet you at Abu Zenima so that you can follow us into the desert.
  • If you have a regular car, there is safe storage for your car in Abu Zenima. You’ll have a car and driver with you for the rest of your trip to the Muzra.
  • Or we can pick you up from Cairo, Sharm, etc!


  • Solar power: max 15 watt, good for light and charging camera batteries etc, but not strong enough for a fridge.
    The ‘fridge’ is a very clever way of using the wind, good for keeping things cool but not cold. If you’d like to bring things that need to be kept cold, ice and cooler can be picked up from Abu Zenima.
  • Food and supplies: The Muzra is full board.
  • Sleeping is Bedouin style: You’ll have a room at the Muzra with carpets and blankets. In warm weather, sleep like the locals under the stars!
  • Toilets: baladi style toilet.
  • Showers: shower room with warm and cold water.

When to go to the Muzra

Any time is possible, but Spring and Autumn are perfect:

  • Spring: witness a rare desert bloom on the dunes, if there has been a winter rain. Families close up their permanent homes and pitch Bedouin tents on the dunes to graze herds and live an entirely outdoor life for 2-3 months.
  • Autumn: perfect weather for hiking.
  • Winter: also excellent for hiking with warm midday temperatures, but nights are cold. No worries, the Muzra is equipped with dozens of blankets to keep you warm!
  • Summer: lovely cool weather late afternoon and at night, and a welcome break for Cairenes or Sharmers sweating out summer in the city. Make the most of your days by rising early, getting to a favourite mountain outcrop to spend midday in the shade, then explore again from late afternoon. Plan your trip around the full moon to really enjoy summer nights in the desert.

What’s included on a weekend break

  • Meet at Abu Zenima
  • Optional pick up from Cairo, Dahab or Sharm El Sheikh
  • 3 days/2 nights full board
  • Longer stays are welcome, just add extra nights as you book

Minimum 3 people to guarantee safari. Single travelers are welcome. We will add you to a group or suggest an alternative date/safari. 

If you have any questions, just ask!



This differs by season and group, for example:

Day 1
  • Meet at Abu Zenima, ideally before noon
  • Or pick up from Cairo/Sharm/Dahab, if you have booked a transfer
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • By Jeep into the desert, approx 1 hour drive to the Muzra
  • Settle in
  • Afternoon walk to Jebel Dura. Relax and enjoy the views
  • Dinner and overnight around the fire
Day 2
  • Bedouin breakfast
  • Day trip to Serabit El Khadem temple ruins or Hamayir including lunch
  • Dinner and overnight at the Muzra
Day 3
  • Morning trip to El Hadaba, enjoy the rolling dunes and wide views
  • Lunch
  • Return to Abu Zenima then home


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