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Climbing TWO

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  • Rock Climbing
  • Private courses available


Climbing TWO, Learning to Lead Climb

Your goal during climbing TWO is to become a self-sufficient Lead Climber.

This means that you will be able to lead, build and clean basic sport anchors, and take safe lead falls.


Before enrolling in Climbing TWO, we recommend you have Climbing ONE plus 20+ pitches.

Most importantly, you should be comfortable and confident moving on rock.

Climbing TWO course content

Like all our climbing courses, Climbing TWO is 100% outdoors. It’s all about practice!

Your course covers:

1. Lead theory:

  • Understanding what Lead Climbing is, and risk management
  • Clipping practice
  • Back Clipping and Z Clipping
  • Proper Rope Management

2. Mock Leading

With a top rope in place, you will ‘mock lead’ climbing routes:

  • Focus on application
  • Demonstrate clean rope management
  • Demonstrate safe clipping

3. Easy Leading

The next step is to get rid of the top rope. Now you are lead climbing for real, but starting on climbs well within your limits:

  • Demonstrate skills and composure on routes well within your ability level
  • Select appropriate route and gear
  • Bringing it all together into safe and clean climbs

Completing these three steps are necessary before moving on to Limit Leading. If you have prior climbing experience, you will move through these stages quickly as a review.

4. Limit Leading

Now you are ready to lead climb at the edge of your ability level, and to judge when you can push your limit:

  • Taking safe lead falls and Lead Fall practice
  • Playing the mental game: tools for risk analysis and choosing an appropriate route
  • Leading routes at ability level

What’s included

  • 2 day Climbing TWO course
  • Lunch both days
  • All transportation and any equipment needed
  • Option to add overnight camping in the wadi, full board
  • You can also add accommodation in Dahab before/after your course, extra climbing days, airport transfers, etc

In addition to rock climbing, we also dive, trek and freedive in Dahab, so your holiday options are almost endless!


Climbing TWO is flexible and depends a lot on your previous experience, for example:

Day 1
  • Check in 9am
  • Equipment fitting, participant hand-out
  • Jeep to Wadi Qnai
  • Climbing session 1: Lead theory, clipping, rope mangement, first climbs
  • Lunch
  • Climbing session 2: Mock leading
  • If camping, dinner and overnight in the wadi
Day 2
  • Climbing session 3: review clipping, rope management, 1-2 mock leads
  • Tea break
  • Climbing session 4: Easy lead climbing
  • Lunch
  • Climbing session 5: Limit leading
  • Return to Dahab, review and set climbing goals