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Jebel El Tih Passage

Jabal Sarabit al Khadim، قسم أبو رديس، جنوب سيناء (0)
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  • Trekking


Trek an ancient passage

Moses’ people were lost in Jebel El Tih for 40 years, and you will realise why on this safari! This is an incredible landscape, known only by the local Bedouin.

A limestone plateau rises from the Mediterranean Sea and stretches more than 200km to middle Sinai, where it abruptly ends in a 700m cliff – Jebel El Tih. The cliff is impenetrable, except at a few points. The safari takes you up one of these passages, winds you through a maze of canyons and oases, and descends from a 2nd passage.

Meeting Point

Starting point is Dahab or Cairo.

It’s also possible to extend the safari and spend time on the Red Sea in Dahab. As you book, you’ll see options to add accommodation, airport transfers, etc.

What’s included

  • 8 day/7 night desert trek
  • Full board camping
  • Optional pick up from Cairo
  • Option to add time in Dahab before/after safari

Minimum 3 people to guarantee safari. Single travelers are welcome. We will add you to a group or suggest an alternative date/safari. 

If you have any questions, just ask!



This is the 1 week program (8 days/7 nights), starting and ending in Cairo. You can also start in Dahab:

Day 1: Cairo (or Dahab/Sharm) – Jebel El Tih

  • Drive to Abu Zenima (4 hours), then into the desert towards Serabit El Khadem
  • Afternoon walk to Serabit El Khadem temple or around Sheikh Habus, depending on time
  • Dinner and overnight at the base of Jebel El Tih

Day 2: Passage to Ein Jurga

  • The word for a path up a mountain is 'Naggup'. We ascend Jebel El Tih using Naggup Rawegna. Lunch near a cave that was once used as winter shelter.
  • Wadi Rawegna to Ein Jurga, a large deep pond fed by a natural spring.
  • Dinner and camp at Ein Jurga

Day 3: Ein Jurga to Ein Abu Miteygna

  • You'll spend today trekking from oasis to oasis.
  • First, Wadi Naga to Ein Abu Hameyta, a palm tree oasis named after the fig trees that grow here. Lunch & rest.
  • In the afternoon, your camels will go one way and you'll go another. Your route is through 1 km of deep canyon. Even at the height of summer, there is a small river running through this canyon.
  • Dinner and camp above Ein Abu Mitaygna, a palm tree oasis.

Day 4: Ein Miteygna to Wadi Lareesh

  • Today is a long trek (25km), but the pace is moderate with breaks.
  • Morning trek through Wadi Algsheeta
  • Lunch in Ein Algsheeta, a natural spring.
  • After lunch, join the ancient road to Wadi Lareesh. This wadi is full of Tarfa trees – so many that the name for this wadi means ‘forest’!
  • Overnight in Wadi Lareesh

Day 5: Wadi Al Maghara

  • Full day hike through Wadi Al Maghara, a long clay-bottomed canyon
  • Lunch in Ain Al Maghara, a small oasis
  • Dinner and camp Wadi Al Haghara, for our last night in the Tih.

Day 6: descent from the Tih – Hamayir

  • Morning descent to Ain Warssa, half way down the mountain.
  • Lunch at Ain Warssa.
  • Final descent to base of Jebel El Tih.
  • Meet our jeep and drive to Hamayir for some fun on the sand dunes
  • Dinner and overnight Hamayir

Day 7: Wadi Baba oasis

  • Wadi Baba is a beautiful palm tree oasis descending from Rumlah to the Gulf of Suez
  • Drive to the foot of Wadi Baba
  • Spend the day exploring the oasis, lunch/dinner and overnight

Day 8: Red Sea Bedouin Settlements and depart

  • Some time at the sea before returning to the airport to depart
  • Transfer to Cairo airport and depart or return to Dahab/Sharm
  • Life will never be the same again!


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