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Freediving Training Week

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  • Freediving
  • Groups allowed
  • Private courses available


1 week Freedive Training inc accommodation and transfers

You’ve done the courses, and now you’re ready to train! Like any sport, freediving is all about training.

Set your training goals

There are many factors that influence our freediving. Tell us about any specific goals you have, plus we’ll use the early sessions to evaluate where you are at the moment and adjust the training to suit your level and goals.

Personal Coaching

During the freediving training sessions, your instructor will be coaching you, giving you guidance, such as feedback on technique as well as providing your safety and set-up of buoys and ropes at a suitable depth.

There is also the option to be filmed, so that afterward you can review a video of your freediving technique and receive additional feedback. Training sessions are ideal for refining your skills, practicing deep freediving under a watchful eye and going to work on specific parts of your dive.

Note that freediving training sessions are for certified or experienced freedivers only. If you have never freedived before you should attend a beginner course prior to any training sessions.

What’s included

  • 6 days Freediving Training
  • 7 nights backpacker accommodation, based on a single room
  • Option to upgrade accommodation
  • Return airport transfers for Sharm El Sheikh

Equipment rental extra.


This is an example training schedule, which can be customized for your preferences and specific goals:

Day 1 Arrive SSH, transfer to Dahab. Settle in to your room and get some rest
Day 2 Two Sessions Freediving at Lighthouse (LH)

  • 9:00 Introductions
  • 10:00 Gearing up
  • 10:30 Freediving session at Lighthouse
  • 12:00 Break
  • 2:00 Gearing up
  • 2:30 Second freediving session at Lighthouse (can also be a static apnea, dynamic apnea, or dry workshop session)
  • 4:00 Shower, put gear away, debriefing
  • 5:00 End of day - Rest up for tomorrow!
Day 3 Single Super-Session LH
Day 4 2 Sessions at Blue Hole

  • 8:30 Meet at Desert Divers and pack gear
  • 9:00 Taxi to Blue Hole
  • 9:30 Arrive at Blue Hole - relax and tea
  • 10:00 Stretching, relaxation / meditation session
  • 11:00 Gearing-up
  • 11:30 Long freediving session
  • 1:00 Break & Lunch
  • 2:00 Taxi back to Dahab
  • 2:30 Put away gear, debreifing
  • 3:00 Break
  • 4:00 Video review
  • 5:00 End of day - Rest up for tomorrow!
Day 5 Single Super-Session LH
Day 6 Single Super-Session LH
Day 7

2 Sessions Blue Hole (as day 4 schedule)

Day 8 Enjoy your final days in Dahab.

You'll also have a final session with your instructor to review the week and set training goals for when you're back home

Transfer to SSH and depart


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