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Jebel El Guna to Ein Khudra Oasis

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Desert trek from Wadi Arada to Ein Khudra Oasis via the el Guna Plateau

This area of the Sinai desert is surprisingly diverse – deep canyons, high plateaus and a lush oasis:

  • Spend 3 days trekking the Sinai desert starting in Wadi Arada
  • Explore sandstone canyons
  • Enjoy stunning views and camp on the El Guna Plateau
  • Descend to Ein Khudra, a lush oasis with date palms and fruit trees
  • Spend you final 4th day visiting St Catherine monastery and hiking the pilgrim path up Mt Sinai.

What’s included

  • 4 day/3 night trek
  • Full board camping
  • Starts/ends in Dahab
  • Option to add accommodation and airport transfers before/after the trek
  • If you dive, freedive or climb, you can also add these before/after the trek – just add a note to your booking

If you have any questions, just ask!

Minimum 2 people to guarantee safari. Single travelers are welcome. We will add you to a group or suggest alternative date/safari. 



Day 1: Dahab-Wadi Arada-El Guna Plateau

  • Depart Dahab 7-8am
  • 1 hour drive to Wadi Arada and meet Fraej's family, our camel guides
  • Breakfast and final preparations
  • Hike the Double Canyon
  • Lunch, then it’s time to meet our camels!
  • Load up the camels, quick lesson in camel driving, then it’s off to the top of the El Gona Plateau
  • Spend the afternoon trekking the plateau, enjoying the view.
  • Dinner & camp on the plateau, our million star hotel

Days 2 & 3: El Guna-Ein Khudra Oasis

  • You'll spend 2 days exploring the wadis descending from the plateau, finally arriving in Ein Khudra oasis.
  • Trekking is moderate pace, maximum 1.5 hours at a time with meal and tea breaks
  • Camels carry all supplies. You can ride your camel or walk alongside, enjoying the quiet rhythm or the desert.
  • On day 3, you'll arrive at Ein Khudra Oasis. After 2.5 days trekking desert mountains, you will truly know what it feels like to arrive at an oasis! Palm trees, fresh water and a small Bedouin settlement. Dinner and overnight in the oasis.

Day 4: St Catherine-Mt Sinai-Dahab

  • Last morning in the desert!
  • Breakfast in Ein Khudra
  • Hike Wadi Khudra to the road.
  • By road 1 hr to St Catherine. There are some small extra payments in St Catherine (please see below).
  • Meet your dedicated Mt Sinai guide
  • Visit St Catherine monastery, the oldest continually inhabited monastery in Christendom.
  • Hike the pilgrim path up Mt Sinai, approx 4 hours up and 2 hours down, enjoying late afternoon views from the summit on Mt Sinai.
  • Descend and return to Dahab


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