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Dahab Dive Experience

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Diving in Dahab has a unique style

For certified divers, this is the most popular way to spend a week with us!

  • Start with 3 days/6 dives in Dahab
  • Finish with an overnight Camel Diving Safari to Ras Abu Galum, the highlight of many Dahab diving holidays

Ras Abu Galum

Ras Abu Galum is a remote Bedouin fishing settlement and Protected Area, stretching from the Blue Hole in the south to Ras Mamlah and Nuweiba in the north. It’s home to a beautiful stretch of coral reef, an underwater photographer’s paradise:

  • stunning coral garden
  • pinnacles
  • sloping reef walls
  • octopus, turtles and rays common
  • plus a huge variety of reef fish and invertebrates.

What is a Camel Diving Safari?

Camel Diving Safaris are the highlight of many diving holidays to the Sinai:

  • Load dive equipment and tanks onto the camels
  • Ride your camel along a beautiful beach path
  • Just 1 hour to Ras Abu Galum or Gabr El Bint
  • Dive, snorkel or freedive for 2 days along stunning coral reef
  • Eat healthy food freshly cooked on the fire
  • Sleep in simple Bedouin beach huts with carpets and blankets under the stars.

Life will never be the same again!

What’s included

  • 3 days/6 dives Dahab
  • Overnight Camel Diving Safari to Ras Abu Galum or Gabr El Bint (2 days, 4 dives and a glorious night camping under the stars. Full board)
  • Tanks/weights for all diving
  • Dive guide and transportation
  • 7 nights accommodation (based on 2 people sharing a budget room) and airport transfers
  • Lots of options

Booking options

  • You can book this 1 week package including accommodation and airport transfers
  • You can add extra dive, extra nights, upgrade your accommodation, etc, as you book
  • Or you can contact us and we’ll be happy to tailor a package for you.
  • If you have any questions, just ask!



We’re often asked about the itinerary for a Camel Diving Safari. As always, exact schedule is flexible and dive sites are subject to conditions and diver experience, but this will give you a good idea about how you spend your time:

Day 1 Check in 9am. 2 dive in Dahab, e.g. Lighthouse, Islands

  • Option to do a Check Dive as 1st dive
Day 2 The South - Golden Blocks, Om Sid or The Caves / Three Pools

  • Option to start PADI Advanced Open Water course
Day 3 Canyon / Blue Hole / 5pm Safari briefing

  • Option to complete PADI Advanced course with Deep and Drift dives at the Canyon and Blue Hole
Day 4 Camel Diving Safari to Ras Abu Galum!

  • 6:30 By jeep to Blue Hole
  • 7:00 Load tanks and equipment onto camels
  • 7:30 Camel trek along a beautiful beach path. Relax and enjoy the ride!
  • 9:00 Unpack, breakfast now that we’re awake
  • 9:30 Dive 1 Dheyla Pinnacle
  • Lunch
  • 2:00 Dive 2 Drift Sabah House Reef / Sand Canyon
  • Relax, snorkel, walk to the Laguna for an afternoon swim or explore the mountains
  • Sunset - gather round the fire for dinner and a perfect night under the stars
Day 5 Camel Diving Safari

  • Sunrise - Wake with the sun and an early morning swim!
  • 7:00 - tea with fresh baked Bedouin bread
  • 7:30 - Dive 1 A'Maeid
  • 9:00 - Breakfast
  • Relax, snorkel, enjoy the sea
  • 12:00 Dive 2 any of Tonsils / Big Stone
  • 1:30 Lunch
  • 3:00 Load camels
  • 3:30 Camel trek to Blue Hole
  • 5:00 Jeep to Dahab
  • Shower! and start planning your next trip to Ras Abu Galum - you'll want to stay a week!!
Day 6 No fly time

  • Option to try Freediving or Rock Climbing - the adventure just keeps going!


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