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1 week Climbing Dahab – Expert Climbers

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  • Rock Climbing
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Climbing for Expert Climbers, fully equipped

Are you and your climbing buddies thinking about rock climbing in Egypt? Here’s some advice for you from the Rocksports team:

We had planned to climb Oman, Turkey or Morocco, but found ourselves drawn to the Sinai desert of Egypt.

It was the first time any of us had put together climbing and Egypt, and even as we booked, we wondered what we would find. In summary:

If you are a climber who likes to combine climbing with general travel, or places special emphasis on family, you will have found your paradise.

The combination of sun, sea and climbing with a flat sandy bottom in the canyons leaves nothing to be desired.

The climbing in Sinai is still in its infancy. The potential is incredible.

We will definitely be planning another climbing holiday in Egypt soon!

Silke Hamm, Rocksports

What’s included

Our 1 week self-guide service is for expert climbers, travelling with your own equipment and climbing buddies. It includes:

  • 5 days transportation
  • Use of the Sinai Rock Climbing Guide and Bouldering Guide
  • 1st day with our climbing guide to introduce you to the area
  • Lunch daily
  • Bouldering pads if you need them
  • You can also add overnight stay(s) camping in the wadi, accommodation in Dahab, airport transfers, etc

New Routing Possibilities

How would you like to add some new routes while you’re here?

The Rocksports team helped us open Bedouin Garden when they were here, 9 new routes from 4a to 7b+.

If you’re up for some new routing, let us know!


A week climbing Dahab's Wadi Qnai is flexible. Here's one example:

Day 1 Check in 9am.

1st day with our climbing guide to introduce you to the area

Jeep to Waterfalls, morning climbing and lunch

After lunch, explore the rest of the wadi: Camel Canyon, Bedouin Garden, 1st section of the bouldering area, Qnai Adshan

Return to Dahab and plan your week!

Day 2 Camel Canyon
Day 3 Bedouin Garden

  • If you're adding a night with overnight camping, make it this one. It's nice to mix Bedouin Garden sports routes with bouldering
Day 4 Bouldering
Day 5 Qnai Adshan / Waterfall


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