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Overnight Camel Snorkeling Safari

Dahab (0)
from/per person 200
  • Beginner Course
  • Groups allowed


The Red Sea’s best snorkeling experience

Underwater adventure isn’t limited to divers in the Red Sea! Shallow coral garden, saddles and gently sloping reef walls are perfect for snorkeling.

Join a Camel Snorkeling Safari to Ras Abu Galum or Gabr El Bint:

  • Load equipment, supplies and yourself onto the camel
  • Ride 1 hour along a beautiful beach path
  • 2 full days snorkeling some of the best snorkeling sites in the Red Sea
  • Overnight camping under the stars
  • Full board, with meals freshly prepared by our local Bedouin hosts
  • If you have diving or freediving family or friends, it’s easy for us to do a mixed safari!



What will you do on a Camel Snorkeling Safari?

Day before
  • If you've just arrived, do some local snorkeling in Dahab
  • Safari briefing 5pm (meet your guide and other travelers, final details like departure time, food, etc)
Day 1 Camel Snorkeling Safari (this example is to Ras Abu Galum)

  • 6:30 There's no better time to meet for safari than early!
  • 7:00 Load everything onto the camels
  • 7:30 Ride your camel along a beautiful beach path. Relax and enjoy the views!
  • 9:00 Breakfast
  • 9:30 Snorkeling at Dheyla pinnacles and coral garden
  • Lunch
  • 2:00 Snorkeling along the reef shelf from North to South Dheyla
  • Relax, walk to the Laguna for an afternoon swim or explore the mountains
  • At sunset, gather around the fire for dinner and a beautiful night under the stars
Day 2 Camel Snorkeling Safari

  • Sunrise! Wake with the sun and an early morning swim
  • 7:00 Breakfast with fresh baked Bedouin bread
  • 7:30 Snorkeling at Amaied
  • Relax, snorkel, enjoy the sea
  • 12:00 Snorkeling at Tonsils / Big Stone
  • 1:30 Lunch
  • 3:00 Time to go home. Reluctantly load the camels
  • 3:30 Camel trek to Blue Hole
  • 5:00 Jeep to Dahab