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Bouldering – half day

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Bouldering in Dahab, half day

Bouldering is the fastest growing climbing discipline. It’s social, fun and can be very intense.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is free climbing to max 4.5m, with minimal equipment:

  • Your equipment is limited to shoes, chalk and bouldering crash pads
  • Your safety is provided by spotters (your guide and climbing buddies), who direct your falls onto the bouldering crash pads.

Falls, you ask? Yes, you will fall! Experienced climbers use bouldering to build strength and technique, and to practice difficult moves.

Compared with other kinds of climbing, you will do many short climbs rather than fewer high climbs.

What’s included

  • Transportation
  • Bouldering pads
  • Bedouin tea to keep you going!


The best bouldering is November to March, although you can stretch this to October/April if you do late afternoons or very early mornings:

  • 1pm: check in
  • 1:15: jeep to Wadi Qnai
  • 2-5pm: Bouldering, with tea in the fire for a boost when you need it
  • Sunset: Return to Dahab
  • Overnight stays are at the bouldering area, so a great way to maximise your climbing


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- Apr, 19, 2017 -

Marwan Maayta

“Bouldering in Wadi Qnai” Great trip to Wadi Qnai! The driver was very friendly, and had prepared delicious lunch for us by the time we were out of the canyon. Desert divers also provided us with crashpads, and the topo, and made sure we had everything. I can say it was one of the best days I spent in Sinai. I will definitely be back for some of the boulders, and maybe camp a couple of nights... the stars were super bright on the way out of the canyon! I hope there will be new areas to discover for bouldering too!