Scuba diving inspires junior divers’ essays

Learning scuba diving is much more than an underwater experience for junior divers.

Kids 10+ years work hard to learn about the science of scuba diving, about how to assemble and care for scuba equipment and, most importantly, how to keep themselves and their buddy safe.

Watching “the lights go on” is one of the rewards of being a scuba diving instructor, and it’s an especially big reward with kids.

There’s another big bonus to teaching scuba lessons for kids – the great essays and pictures we’re sent! Almost all of our junior divers write about their experience on their next school project, and we’ve had some great thank you pictures over the years. Here’s one of our favourite:


SPLASH!!!! As I leaped into the sea, bubbles of crystal clear water crawled up my wet suit.  The 2 ton cylinder on my back became weightless as my instructor filled my BCD.  I placed my mask over my sea green eyes. “Ready?” We descended. It was like entering a new world…

The seaweed waved at us as we went down another few meters.  Then we started to explore.  Hundreds of beautiful fish gathered in groups around us.  That’s when I saw it… an octopus; it was a green colour, sprayed with emerald sparkles.  It looked like an alien from outer space.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

There are so many things you can do underwater but you will have to find that out for yourself!

Hanna, 10 yrs

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