Dahab’s Top 5 Dives

Sport Diver’s Global Dive Companion asked dive centres around the world for their top five dives. These are our top 5 Dahab dives, published in volume II of the guide, plus the free download link for the full guide. Εnjoy!

The staff is split on our top 2 dives. Some of us love Dheyla’s stunning pinnacle and coral garden. Others love the wall at A’Maied, worth the fin kicking to get round the corner. Thankfully, both dive sites are in Ras Abu Galum so you can do them both on an overnight Camel Diving Safari.

1 and 2. Ras Abu Galum and A’Maied on a Camel Diving Safari


Nothing like it!

Load equipment, safari supplies and selves onto camels. Spend an hour ambling along a beautiful beach path to Ras Abu Galum. Spend the next two to five days scuba diving / freediving pristine sites and camping under the stars.

Octopus, turtles, loads of life and pristine hard and soft coral.

3. Abu Helal

Next is a local favourite, Abu Helal, the dive site that never ends. Pass over the crescent bay (“Helal”) into the coral slopes beyond where you will find stunning coral formations that roll like hills and valleys, full of sea life.

Tough entry and exit, and you’ll need a high tide (especially for the exit).

4. Full moon night dive at the Canyon

A deep dive, in an enclosed space. Wonderful any time of day, but by the light of the full moon, a dive you will remember all your life. Finish off with Bedouin dinner cooked on the fire as you dive.


5. Freediving the Blue Hole and Bells

Lose the tanks and take a freediving course, then dive our famous Bells and the Blue Hole apnea-style. You’ll be amazed at what you can do!


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If you have any questions above Dahab dive sites, feel free to ask!

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