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Trekking Sinai

How Eco-Tourism benefits the Local Economy

Did you know this: “For every $100 spent on a tour to a developing country, only $5 stays in the local economy.” Source: sustainabletravel.org, 20-10-2020 I was shocked. I knew that mass market tours largely benefit inbound tour operators and chain hotels, but I had no idea how very little made its way to local […]

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Trekking the Sinai Desert – by Magnus & Jay Mackareth

“If we’re going to Egypt then I want to ride a camel”, my wife declared one day as we were discussing plans to climb Mount Sinai. We had climbed a number of the worlds sacred mountains since 2006 and Sinai was the latest one on our list. Duly despatched to do the research I immediately […]

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Trek Sinai: Arada deep desert 1-5 March

Our favourite way to kick off Spring, trekking deep into the desert with local Bedouin guides. Our next Sinai is 1-5 March. It includes a final day in St Catherine to see the monastery and climb Mt Sinai You’ll find the full write up of the safari here: https://www.desert-divers.com/trekking-sinai/5-day-deep-desert-by-camel/ For more information: info@desert-divers.com Hope you […]

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