Camel Diving Safaris

How Eco-Tourism benefits the Local Economy

Did you know this: “For every $100 spent on a tour to a developing country, only $5 stays in the local economy.” Source:, 20-10-2020 I was shocked. I knew that mass market tours largely benefit inbound tour operators and chain hotels, but I had no idea how very little made its way to local […]

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Camel Diving Safaris in easyJet magazine

Nic Fleming discovered that, “A trip in the Red Sea near Dahab offers divers the chance to avoid the crowds, by hopping on a camel and riding to deserted beaches with pristine coral reefs.” Read the full article here, or in easyJet Traveler magazine.

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Diving and Desert Adventure in Dahab, Sinai, Red Sea

Tanis is often asked about how she came to settle in Dahab. Here’s the story, published in H2O Magazine and ‘Escape’ all the way back in 2005!

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